• Top rated meals & chefs

    We select top rated food of previous month and put it in a box, so everyone can enjoy the delicious homemade meals!

  • Delivery in Sweden

    We deliver across whole Sweden, so anyone can try the best meals!

  • Taste & enjoy!

    Try out unique and authentic meals from all around the world from local Home Chefs!

Signature Homemade meals from local Home Chefs

PlateHero gives an opportunity for local home chefs to sell their homemade meals through Platehero. We enable the community to experience authentic homemade meals.

  • Hasoni

    Plate box is great!! I get to try out the best homemade meals!

  • Emma

    Delicious and tasty food, arrived fresh:)

  • Thomas

    I don't live in Stockholm, but with PlateHero I still get to taste food I usually don't get in supermarket.